Bruce Juice in Concert at The Whitty Theatre

A live injection of Bruce Juice during the long years between Bruce Springsteen’s tours, this new 7-piece band provides a vibrant tonic pumped into every aching hungry heart.
You can expect an ‘E-Street’ experience that captures the unique seven-piece band line-up through arrangements from legendary concerts such as the Main Point to the Bottom Line, Passaic NJ and Winterland.
The first half reproduces the original arrangements from the 1970s Wild, Innocent and a slow, bluesy ‘E Street Shuffle’ as well as the iconic anthems from the ‘Born to Run’ tour.
The second half moves into the 1980s and captures the crisp, rasping sound of the ‘Professor’s’ piano, Federici’s organ and Clarence’s sax from ‘The River’ tour, as well as a few stadium foot-stompers from the ‘Born in the USA’ tour.
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Bruce Juice in Concert at The Whitty Theatre Wokingham Music Club at The Whitty Theatre