Saturday morning -Summer Solstice~ Cacao ceremony ~ Yoga ~ Dance ~ Sound bath

The Octagon - The World Outside @ Bodenham Arboretum, Wolverley, DY11 5TB
Sat 22nd June 2019
This is an open event and you do not need to be a forest school leader to attend.

You are welcome to arrive at the venue anytime from approximately 8am onwards, as some of us are sleeping over.

FSAW members  - Included in membership

Non FSAW members -£15

NB:Membership is due from April 2019.
The password is on your subscription confirmation email

We will be outside, so please bring clothes appropriate for the weather conditions

If you have not joined FSAW and would like to you, please use ticket source to subscribe, before purchasing this event so you can gain your discount code.

The Venue:
The World Outside
The Octagon
Bodenham arboretum
Dy11 5TB

If you would like to attend, please book via the link and bring:
A mat/tarp/yoga mat
A mug
A log for the fire if possible
Pen, paper etc.
A camera for capturing ideas if needs be

DON'T FORGET TO BOOK - Even if you are a committee member or a member of FSAW you will still need to book your place so we know to expect you and cater for you.

Starts at 9.30/9.45am,  please try and arrive at 9am so as we have time to walk to the site and settle in before we begin!
NB ( There is a 5 - 10 minute walk from the car park - We will be unable to guide anyone to the site arriving after about 9.20am)

Joining together to awaken our energetic systems with nourishing movement & yoga.

Drinking Cacao within a plant medicine concoction, allowing our hearts to blossom, as we explore our bodies range of movement & elemental wisdom's through freedom of dance.
Ending with a sound bath & Yoga Nidra allowing our energy to settle return home.

Y O G A ~

Yoga means union, & the summer solstice also shares a celebration with international yoga day. The session will start with some nourishing movement, bringing us home to our breath & bodies.
Awakening them with softness as we ground ourselves in to the present.

E A R T H . R Y T H M S ~ S U M M E R . S O L S T I C E ~

Summer solstice marks the day with the most sunlight.
~ Representing the height of Earths energy, bringing with it a turning point as from here on in the day's begin to shorten once again. Energy changing directions.

Our ancestors relied on these turning points of energy to survive & thrive. Gathering together to celebrate them.
Being aware of the energy around us & tuning in to our own, allows us to flow more harmoniously through life.

C E R E M O N I E S ~

Ceremonies are a way to gather & honour life, it's transitions, ebb & flow & explore the part we play within this rich tapestry, a powerful tool for the soul to converse with it's surroundings & self, bringing you home to your own inner rhythm & elemental nature.

C A C A O ~

We join together in circle, to drink ceremonial grade cacao in its most potent form. Part of a nutritious concoction of plant medicine's all supporting the release of endorphins & happy hormones. You will be told the why's of each magical natural ingredient.

It has been used & cultivated since at least 2000 BCE, used within civilisations in the America's shamanically, ritualistically, as plant medicine & for nutrition.

When raw, it is one of the most nutrient based foods known to man, containing over 300 chemical compounds. To name a few it is bursting with magnesium, vitamin C, iron, calcium & hosts an array of mood enhancing chemicals ~ releasing & transmitting serotonin & creating cosy feelings.

An easy read with some more info...

Movement supports the cacao to flood our bloodstream & allows our energy & feelings to flow with freedom from within.
Music will support the unravelling & reconnection to our true expression.

S A C R E D . S P A C E ~ S A C R E D . C I R C L E S ~

When we enter a safe sacred space & allow our bodies to move with freedom, we can truly embody the present.

Sitting in circle we are all equal ~ we can hold & be held in a space of non judgement, in a way humans have gathered for millenia.

T H E . 5 . E L E M E N T S ~

Earth ~ Water ~ Fire ~ Air ~ Ether / Space

We are all made up of & exist within these magical building blocks of life, come celebrate & explore them.

S O U N D . B A T H ~

To help you land back into reality after the journeying you will be held in silent stillness. Soothing sounds will then be introduced to the space around you, as the waves of frequency & vibrations effect your being on a molecular level, transporting you in to a sense of timelessness.

Y O G A . N I D R A ~

A guided meditation that guides you on a journey through the body & mind, with words & awareness as your ship to explore the rivers & seas of energy & love that lie within. Creating a state of cosiness & comfort whilst 'nesting & resting'. Yoga Nidra translates to Yogic sleep ~ the body can become so relaxed it enters a different form of consciousness, somewhere between waking & sleeping.

D E T A I L S ~

There is no wrong or right in an experience like this, simply expressing & exploring

Mats will be provided, cushions & lavender eye pillows also for sitting in circle & the resting & nesting.
Teas, nibbles & refreshments included.

Please bring
~ A flask / bottle of water & for drinks to help use less cups etc, (we always provide biodegradable things) infused water refills available.
~Comfy clothes, an open heart & perhaps a blanket for cosyness.

Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before, for registration & time to settle.

Sofia looks forward to welcoming you on this exploration.
Love & lightxxxx

We hope you can make it and really look forward to seeing you.

Google map static shot of The Octagon - The World Outside @ Bodenham Arboretum, Wolverley, DY11 5TB
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