Congregation, Ray Lee

Various locations in Woolwich Town Centre, London, SE18 6FH
Fri 21st June 2019
A chorus of singing spheres creates a humming electronic web of sound in this strange processional science fiction ceremony.

Congregation is a free, ticketed interactive sound installation. Your ticket will tell you where to start. At the starting point you will receive a silver orb, held in one or both hands, which makes happy or sad noises depending on the direction you are travelling in. If you keep your orb sounding happy, it will lead you to a final finishing point.

Please note that you must arrive 10 minutes before the start time for a full briefing and to receive your orb. You may also need time to find your start point so make sure you have plenty of time to get there! The journey should take 20 minutes from start time.

Congregation will be performed as part of GDIF’s spectacular Opening Night, transforming the streets and public spaces of Woolwich with art, food, dance, street theatre and a dazzling finale. This is your chance to experience London’s newest and most vibrantly authentic cultural destination at its best.
Google map static shot of Various locations in Woolwich Town Centre, London, SE18 6FH
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