Information Evening: P.A.C.E

  • ACE is a way of thinking, feeling, communicating and behaving that aims to help a child feel safe. It is focuses upon the connection between parents and their children.  

    PACE: focuses on the whole child, not simply the behaviour. It helps children be more secure with the adults and reflect upon themselves, their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  

    When children experience the adults doing the best they can to: understand them; that they are trying to work out more effective ways for the child to understand, make sense of and manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviour it creates more of a collaborative way of dealing with problems, including mental health problems. 

    For adults, using PACE most of the time, they can reduce the level of conflict, defensiveness and withdrawal that tends to be ever present in the lives of young people – particularly adolescents. Using PACE enables the adult to see the strengths and positive features that lie underneath more negative and challenging behaviour. 

    In this workshop we will: 

    • Give an overview of the approach and explore the idea of using PACE in everyday parenting 

    • Facilitate discussion around the model and its practical applications allowing you to draw upon your own experiences 

    • Discuss situations where PACE might be a useful way of communicating to your child 

    • Use practical examples and activities to enable you as parents to use it at home 

    • Draw upon real life examples from our clinical work  

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Information Evening: P.A.C.E The Vigornian Room