Information Evening: Self Harm

  • We all have battles that feel bigger than ourselves sometimes and we all have different ways of dealing with emotional pain, physical pain, shame, regret or guilt. There are so many very normal human experiences and emotions that can threaten to break any one of us. Sometimes, they last for too long. When it feels as though there is no relief, it can drive even the strongest of people to try anything to get the pain to stop. 

    The compulsion to inflict deliberate physical pain on the self is confusing for everyone – for the people who do it and for the people who love them. People who self-harm don’t want to be hurting themselves and they don’t want to be hurting you as parents. They just want the pain to stop.  

    Our workshop on Self Harm will look at: 

    • What is self-harm? Who does it and why?  

    • We will explore common myths about self-harm and explore ways we can approach and support a young person in our care who is self-harming 

    • We will facilitate supportive confidential discussions about when and where to seek professional help and be on hand to answer any questions 

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