"The Soundscapes of the York Mystery Plays: Gamifying Aural History" -Free Public Lecture

Wed 18th July 2018
King's Manor, York, YO1 7EP

Speaker: Dr. Mariana Lopez

The 'sound' of the York Mystery Plays is as crucial to the history of the plays and their modern revival as the visual aspects linked to staging.  Mariana Lopez discusses how she applied techniques from the field of virtual acoustics as well as sound design to better understand the challenges faced by our medieval ancestors when performing and hearing the plays.  Furthermore, she will present an interactive interface that allows users to combine dialogue and music with acoustical data on the performance spaces as well as adding sound effects linked to the history of the city.  The online platform enables listeners to experience what the plays could have sounded like in medieval York, while also assessing how those experiences are still relevant to modern organisers and performers by accessing curated interviews with modern performers and organisers.

Google map static shot of King's Manor, York, YO1 7EP
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