Tune @ Noon - Angela Williams (oboe and bassoon)

Wiltshire Rural Music, Trowbridge, BA14 0AE
Wed 10th July 2019
Join us for our monthly lunchtime concert series Tune @ Noon.

An opportunity to listen to local musicians whilst enjoying a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Tickets: £5 (includes a cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake)
Booking is highly recommended, as these events are very popular.

Programme will include:
Ancient Greek Aulos and a brief tune showing where the modern instruments developed from.

Baroque-era recorder duet followed by an explanation of what the double reed is and how the oboe is related.
CPE Bach oboe solo.

Next a flute and oboe duet by Telemann to illustrate how well they blend (two branches of the family).

Brief remarks about how the instruments changed and developed over 100 years.

Moceau de Concours for flute and piano by Fauré

Modern, short, solo oboe piece - Britten’s Bacchus from the Metamorphoses
(Sounds serious but depicts drunkenness and a party with lots of interesting bits to listen out for including hiccups!)

Duet for flute and oboe. 
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