World Glass

This company started with a dream of giving a chance to people who want to show their musical talents on stage. We always remember to see hiding talents everywhere or simply people didn’t had the right chance to show what they can do and follow their dreams.
We believe that everyone is special and particular talent. WG is looking to make a difference on the market bringing live shows that are unique and special to the public. With a vision to united communities we will do different events in different ways and topics.
The name WorldGlass born from the idea of believing that people’s souls can be see trough the music. Our mission will be bring the expression from their soul to the public by talent like music and others ways to show them. In the future we would like to help our singers to be able to show more to the world. Make their dreams came true.
We believe the music is the sound of your soul!

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Miss Portugal Uk 2019
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